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One Hour SKYPE Attorney Consultation

Schedule your One Hour, One-on-One, SKYPE Consultation with Mr. Mundy!

  • 250 US dollars

Descripción del servicio

As an added convenience, you can now schedule a ONE HOUR, One-on-One, SKYPE Video Consultation with Attorney Mundy on-line, paying in advance with PAYPAL. Or if you prefer, call our office at 718-858-1030 to process the charge via debit or credit card. You will have an opportunity to discuss your case in great detail with Mr. Mundy, an attorney with TWENTY FIVE (25) YEARS of experience, and ask him any questions you may have about your potential case. Scheduling a Skype consultation is easy and only takes a few minutes. Step 1: To schedule your video consultation with Mr. Mundy, simply contact us by phone (1-718-858-1030), email ( and let our scheduling representative know you are interested in an appointment via Skype, even better, book your appointment NOW via the ON-LINE booking calendar you see right here! We will confirm your request as quickly as possible, but usually within 12 hours. Step 2: All you need to get started with Skype is an Internet connection, camera and a microphone/speaker on your computer (opening a Skype account is free). If you do not have a Skype account, you can set one up here: Skype also offers a troubleshooting FAQ page. Step 3: Please log in to Skype ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, and add Attorney Mundy's username (njmundyesq) to your Skype contacts. To add a contact, go to “Contacts” then “Add Contact” and add username "njmundyesq". This will be mentioned in your confirmation email. Once the contact is added, please click the “call” button to reach our office and begin your consultation. If you need assistance in setting up your video consultation session, please give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

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